We have fun together.  That's at the core of everything we do!


We commit to ride safe as a group and individually.



GWRRA provides training on all aspects of our motorcycling hobby.

 Monthly Gathering  8 a.m.

Third Saturday of each month

HyVee Club Room

3235 Oakland Road NE

Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Pete and Cheryl

Chapter Director

Pete's been riding since his pre-teen days and introduced Cheryl to motorcycling when they were dating.  Once their kids were raised Cheryl acquired her license and they joined GWRRA. They really enjoy the opportunities for travel that have been part of their GWRRA experience.


Brad and Kim

Membership Enhancement

Couple of the Year 2018

Brad and Kim bring the fun and games to our chapter.  They're all about the fun which helps us to get to know each other and enhances our chapter experience. Brad is a talented woodworker and Kim makes a delicious potato salad!

Dave and Eileen square 10192019

Dave and Eileen


When meeting Dave and Eileen for the first time, she might tell you; It's easy to remember my name, leaning to one side as if riding a motorcycle around a curve, I-Lean! Married 44 years, Dave is used to her antics. Dave and Eileen both have a great sense of humor and bring fun to everything they do!  Eileen has a lot of "crafty" skills but our favorite is her ability to keep the chapter funds organized.

Watch this fun video made by a Chapter-F member!

You can call the GWRRA office at 1-800-843-9460 to get 4-month trial membership absolutely FREE!


Gold Wing Road Riders Association

We welcome you to join the organization that brings us all together.