Gold Wing Road Riders Association, aka GWRRA, was founded in 1977 by a small group of Gold Wing motorcycle riders from Arizona who wanted more friends to tour with.  The organization continues to thrive because at the foundation this is what we still desire.  It has grown to become an international organization located in 53 countries with 800 chapters serving 72,000 members.  As a member of the organization, you are a welcomed participant in any chapter throughout the world. We all gather as friends for fun, safety and knowledge.

GWRRA is a not for profit organization.  With so many involved, there are other levels of the organization set in place to support the local chapter. Our Chapter is part of the Iowa District.  The Iowa District Team handles business and support for the Iowa Chapters.  They report to the National Team.  GWRRA home office is based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Iowa District Team

District Director: John & Yvette Moravec

Assistant Director: Randy Heath

Rider Education: Greg Hayes

Motorist Awareness Coordinator:SueThompson

Assistant MAC: John & Barb Kilmer

University Coordinators: Roxanne Oder & Roger Munson

Membership Enhancement: Roger & Vicki Harris


Director: Jere & Sherry Goodman—

Director or Rider Education: Susan & George Huttman—

Director of Membership Enhancement: Larry & Penny Anthony—

Director of GWRRA University: Clara & Fred Boldt—

Director of Finance: Randall & Janet Drake—

Director of Motorist Awareness: Mike & Barri Critzman—

Executive Director Overseas: Dan & Bachel Sanderovich—